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What is EFT Tapping?

(EFT) Emotional Freedom Technique How Beliefs Impact Our Lives Nick and Jessica Ortner Discuss EFT Tapping What is Tapping? Tapping is a form of modern psychological acupressure, based on the […]

Currency of Health

Energy:  the Currency of Health Supplements to Improve Your Currency   “I just don’t have the energy I used to and I’m tired all the time.”  Doctors hear this complaint more […]


Too Much Sugar Here, There, and Everywhere      If you have diabetes, it simply means that your body’s glucose (blood sugar) delivery system is “kaput” or not working properly. In plain […]

In Drugs We Trust

Do Drug Companies Make Drugs or Money? It would be nice if none of the depressing issues here were true, but  sadly, this is not the case. Our capitalist economy, […]

What? Throw the Baby Out?

Yes, Throw Out Your Baby Aspirin and Drink the Water Instead! But doesn’t taking an aspirin a day protect you from heart disease and death? You decide after reading the […]

Root Cause of Eczema

“Eczema, psoriasis, acne, and practically all skin conditions are reflections of inner metabolic imbalances, which, in turn, are the result of numerous diet, toxin, and lifestyle stresses. The conventional medical […]

Irritable Brain Syndrome

Addiction and Irritable Brain Syndrome According to my wife, Elisa, sitting, is the “new smoking.” But most of us don’t think of sitting as an addiction. We typically consider substance abuse, […]

One Answer to Cancer

The Kelley Cancer Elimination Process During the 1800s the death rate from cancer was less than 1 in 2000, In 1900 less than 1 in 24 people were cancer victims, […]

Bob Beck Protocol

Dr. Robert C. (Bob) Beck, D.Sc The Bob Beck Protocol may be the most potent alternative health protocol to help the body heal itself. It eliminates microbes through electro-therapy, thereby […]

From Medication to Meditation

Most people become interested in their health only after they’ve misplaced it. Then they want a quick cure, an instant remedy, or a pill for their disease. Please don’t be like most […]