“In this age of tweets, texts, and abbreviated thinking,
People expect a “magic pill for their every ill,
So they can go on pretending all is well.”
Reinhard Hermes, MS

“Usually when we get sick, we see our doctor, take a pill, get better, and life goes on. Well, sooner or later that’s not going to work anymore—for all of us.

When “the” process stops working, when “the pill” or doctor doesn’t help us get better, we all pretty much go through the same range of emotions: fear and denial, then anger, some guilt, sadness, frustration, distrust, and near the end, desperation. And finally, with your fist raised to the sky, comes “the” whimper cry,

“Why me?  With all of the good things I have done in my life; with the people I have helped; to the love I have shown to so many people? Why am I being tortured like this?” If you are wondering why, I think I may have an answer for you–it’s to help and teach others from your experience. So, when you are stronger, you will be able to fulfill your purpose in life. God has that much faith in you.

So, if you are at a “survival-kind-of-fight” place, and have been running from one health practitioner to the next, don’t despair. We have a solution–become the captain of your healing vessel. Yes, there is a learning curve in becoming your own health advocate–unlike tweets and texts–it will take some thought and time.  Pay attention. Listen to your body. Be persistent. And trust your instincts. One of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned is that you must be your own health advocate, question things, be suspicious, and seek second opinions.

And along the way, you’ll find that even the best doctors are often wrong. Especially once you realize the incentive between prescribed treatments and their financial rewards.

In the process you will learn the connection between your “state of mind” and the “state of our health.” If you’re like most people, you obey the unwritten law that we must pretend that everything is okay.  Well, everything is not okay.

It’s not okay, for example that:

  • Each year more than 22 million Americans suffer from heart disease,

  • Thirty-three million from arthritis,

  • Nearly eight million from diabetes, and

  • More than one million are diagnosed with cancer.

  • In 2010, more than 4,749,000 cardiac procedures were performed.

  • Each year approximately 733,000 Americans die of heart disease,

  • 60,000 from cerebrovascular disease (i.e.,strokes), and

  • More than 500,000 from cancer.

————– World Numbers vs U.S. Numbers————

In the U.S. alone, more than five million people need regular assistance for such daily activities as bathing, dressing, preparing meals, and even using the bathroom or telephone. One and a half million people are in nursing homes. Appalling as they are, these figures are just the tip of the iceberg. Millions more suffer and die from AIDS, liver disease, lung disease, and auto-immune diseases.

While the wisdom and dignity of our elderly are eroded by Alzheimer’s disease, the innocence and potential of our children are limited by birth defects. No, things are definitely not okay. It may seem that only a miracle can save us. Your miracle may be at hand.

DNAA (Diet, Nutrition, Allergy-Addiction) therapy focuses on the patient’s lifestyle, emotional status, diet, nutrition, biochemistry, and genetic expression (epi-genetics)In a nutshell: our aim is to eliminate the body’s toxicity and deficiency

Many nutritionists and physicians agree that there is really only one disease: deficiency and toxicity syndrome; that most other ills derive from it. This is important to consider. So how does one find proper nutrition (deficiency)? Start with good organic produce, grown in mineral rich soil, and supplement the diet with vitamins and minerals that are bio-available. Sounds easy. Unfortunately, our soils are depleted, our produce lack minerals, and most vitamins and minerals are worthless.Profits_Top_10_Rx_Co

In addition, our current medical system is still under the delusional theory and practice that it takes poisons to kill disease, and therefore sees little virtue in natural medicines or nutrition. You might notice that every drug advertised on TV cures the symptom but not the disease; while causing a dozen potential and horrific side-effects. Big Pharma is Big Business.

In March, 2011, the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research approved a new drug called “Yervoy.” According to Life Extension Magazine, this drug adds “just four months of the least productive, lowest quality, and most expensive life.” It has horrible side effects AND costs $ 120,000 for four doses at $ 30,000 per dose! We have gotten so good at masking the pain and symptoms of disease that we’re deluded into thinking we are well. We’re not.

Money and politics has definitely entered into this picture. Washington and the FDA do not want to be exposed as enforcers for the drug companies, or be seen as clearly not acting in the public’s best interest. While these ideas are not new to many of us, it would be a shock and startling revelation if a large portion of the population began thinking this way. Washington would certainly like to avoid this ‘public relations’ embarrassment, while the FDA would deny it–even under oath.

The 12 Steps of DNAA Therapy:

1.      Detailed history;
2.      Brain-Gut-Axis-Connection (Heartburn, GERD, IBS, Candida, etc);
3.      Cleansing:  Intestinal, Liver, Kidney, & Blood;
4.      Probiotics & Enzymes (Pancreatic, etc.)
5.      Diet (Parts 1 & 2);
6.      Whole Food Supplements;
7.      Antioxidants, Vitamins, & Minerals ;
8.      Hidden Allergies & Addictions;
9.      Oil & Water;
10.    Hormones (Female & Male);
11.    Prayer,  Meditation, & Exercise;
12.    Forbidden Treatments & Lost Remedies.


If you’ve been experiencing:

  • Chronic, complex illness no one (including a long list of specialists) can figure out;
  • Persistent symptoms that don’t go away no matter what you try;
  • Nonspecific symptoms and/or fatigue, digestive problems, skin rashes, headaches;
  • Doctors who don’t listen and think your problems are all in your head;
  • Don’t give up hope! We’re here to help

Our DNAA Therapy is based on your “bio-uniqueness and individual preferences” to enhance your immediate well-being. The trouble with most diets and supplements is that they don’t correct the underlying imbalances that result in poor digestion, which hinders the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients–whether they come from food or pills. Shifting our focus to restoring the digestive process through the combined effort of enzymes & whole food supplements can have a monumental effect on your well being. If this rings true for you and you want to learn the “what and how” of taking charge of your own physical and Spiritual health, please take this opportunity and call today. “Life is a gift, health is not. What we do with our physical and Spiritual health is up to us.”

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